Artist Impression of the Stawell Project

Committed to sustainable farming across Australia

At Nectar Farms, we use smart and sustainable farming techniques to significantly reduce the usage of resources such as water, energy and chemicals, and therefore limit the environmental impact of our projects across Australia. Our approach will use less land, water, nutrients and fossil fuels than conventional farming, to reduce overall costs, while increasing yields in a     sustainable way.

Here's a snapshot of how we will achieve this:
  • Resource conservation: An output of $100 in field crops requires approximately 37,000 litres of water. In the Nectar Farms hydroponic operations $100 of output will use as little as 600 litres of water.
  • Closed-loop water, nutrient and waste recycling system: Conserving resources. Unlike traditional farming, no fertilisers will be leached in to the ground or water table - no nutrients are wasted.
  • Reduced wastage and spoilage - proximity of market: Reduced food miles by being close to market and export facilities, with less storage required and less spoilage.
  • Sustainable Employment: All-year harvesting ensures full time jobs all year round at Nectar Farms. Read more about employment at Nectar Farms on our Careers page.
  • Little to no pesticides: Being closed-loop, and using beneficial insects, Nectar Farms will use no chemical pesticides.
To find out more about our sustainable approach to farming, email us today info@nectarfarms.com.au 
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